let's get working!

I started my first business at THIRTEEN. It was called Krayze Kreations and I made jewelry and jean purses. (Hello early 2000's!) I've come a long way since Krayze Kreations, but one thing has always remained true: I am passionate about helping others!

At SS&Co, we are relationship and connection focused. We don't just look at our clients as a business, but as individuals with dreams and goals that are insanely important. We strive to help you find confidence in the product/service you produce and JOY in the outcome!


oh, my!

Systems are where it all starts. so if we can streamline your systems and strategies we can make your whole business run so much better. 


This could be for your whole business or could be for a specific part of your business. 


Perhaps you’re launching a new service, product, or membership/course? It may be helpful to map all of this out, prior to setting anything + everything up!

What's included:

90 minute video chat (initial)

Training Video

Dedicated Slack Channel for 1 week

Choose External or Internal Processes (via a form)

SWOT Analysis (SPW only)

Add on: Marketing Map Funnel to map out your point of entry to purchase + how to get there.

Gap Analysis (SPW only)

Full workflow funnel map with triggers

System based action plan





What's included:

90 minute video chat (initial)

Dedicated SOP site

Dedicated Slack Channel for the entire process

Completed integrations as needed/requested (up to 5 included)

Full systems audit + breakdown

Add on: CUSTOM canned emails for CRM 

Full documentation

Add on: canned email workbook for CRM

Full workflow funnel map with triggers

We all know I love a good system

but having the right tools in place is key to making your system run smoothly! Maybe you have a system in place, but you need a little extra help executing it. This is for you!