Hustling with Heart

Almost three years ago, I started reading books & listening to podcasts that would be categorized as “self-help”. My marriage was failing, I was struggling with my relationship with God - but somehow He found me and gently veered me to the path I needed to be on.

There were a handful of books that completely wrecked me, but two, in particular, were pull-over-on-the-side-of-the-road-and-bawl-your-eyes-out (I listened to books on audible for the most part during this particular stretch of my life).

The book I am referring to today:

Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequest

Now, to preface what I am about to tell you, you need to understand a few things.

I was 22, married for 2 years, with an almost 2-year-old little boy.

For those two years I was the sole income. Working multiple jobs, or just working incredibly long days. I was diagnosed with a severe anxiety disorder, fibromyalgia and the beginning stages of Rheumatoid Arthritis.

I was hustling to make sure we could survive and I was burning out - fast.

This book by Shauna is all about slowing down, being present, not worrying about being perfect (seriously, go get the book!)

One of the chapters she talked about hustle, and how “hustle has no heart”.

Her premise was that we tend to go and never stop to be in the moment, and we make ourselves sick without even realizing it.

And that phrase hit a nerve and has stuck with me ever since.

Because of where I was, mentally & emotionally, I began to equate hustle as this ‘bad’ word. A word I needed to stay far away from.

But recently . . . I’ve changed my mind.

I’ve learned that without hustling, there’s no way I’d be where I am today.

I’ve also learned that sometimes I stand in my own way when I get so stuck on what a word means - because I should be proud of my hustle. I should be proud that I stuck through the hard times, to come through the other side.

I should be proud that hustle made me a business owner - but sometimes, I forget.

And I think you do, too.

I truly believe I needed a couple of years to give myself room to slow down. I think I was so burnt out, that if I didn’t stop and breathe - I would not have survived.

But now that I’m through the woods & able to see the sun again - I believe that I can hustle when I need to when Bennett is in school when Jordan is at work, and then shut it down when I need to be present.

I’m ready to hustle, I’m also ready to have margin.

And it’s okay to have both.

Right now, I’m giving you permission to hustle your HEART out. But then I want you to stop, smell the flowers, turn your phone off, and take a breath.

Your hustle will be even better when you allow yourself a moment of margin; hustling done with heart can be beautiful.

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