it's time for a change

Your business is running you. 

systems are not in place 


You’re living for the weekend. 

you can’t get it all done during the week though, so you’re still working on the weekend


You’re unfulfilled. 

What was that about having purpose and fulfillment? 


You’re barely surviving. 

What does thriving even mean?


it’s time for an intervention, and possibly a taco. 

no, seriously. I'm waving the white flag for you and dragging you in. This is not healthy, and also, you need to start eating. 


Systems + processes are the building blocks to your success;

Are yours serving you?

Shannon Savaglio System Strategist and Team Management

Efficient systems are, well, efficient. But that doesn’t always mean they’re simple. My goal for you is to create efficient systems that are simple. Here’s the deal, the system isn’t the platform (tool) you’re using. The system is the down + dirty part of your business, how you get from point a to z. The tool is what holds your system together + usually is what helps your system become automated. But in case someone forgot to tell you. . . if you don’t have a system written down, that tool you're using is just wasting your time and your money. 


Day after day, you’re told to hustle more, hustle harder, hustle smarter - who the heck cares!! Just HUSTLE. 


I’m here to tell you that being busy (hustling) does not make you better.




Hey, I’m Shannon

and I’m here to help you streamline, simplify and strategize your biz so you can scale and not feel like you’re losing your mind. 



I want to help you discover what thriving really means. It’s time to ditch the survival mode. 

And to know that it’s okay if you fall apart sometimes. Tacos fall apart, we still love them. 


  1. Realize that you just can’t do one more day like this. Coffee in an IV worked for a hot second, but it’s been too long doing the same things and you’re ready to break up with the bad habits. 

  2. Schedule a call with me, we’ll talk about how together we can take the burden off of you and help you breathe a little deeper. We’ll also probably talk about Gilmore Girls, so just brace yourself. 

  3. After you decide that you’re ready to thrive, we set up a systems, process + workflows (oh, my!) strategy day. At the end of the day you walk away with an entire plan and systems for your internal or external business processes. Need both? We’ll just set up a second day! 

  4. You walk away feeling like you can breathe again, and knowing you can now drink coffee just because you like the taste - not because you need it for sustenance. 


Oy with the poodles already! 


It’s about time you take a step back and let someone help you create sustainable + streamlined systems that will help you scale your biz for years to come.


Keep a look out!

more details coming soon.


So . . . Why do you need me in your biz?

Well - that’s easy. I’m your favorite unicorn!

Kidding. . . Kind of. 


But seriously. You need a systems overhaul, I’m your girl. After building 7 of my own businesses, and assisting 30+ businesses in the last 3 years with their systems, processes + tech integrations; I know a thing or two about streamlining business processes because I’ve seen a thing or two. 


My job is two fold; help you see your potential, and create processes and systems for your business that just make sense. 


I know you’re overwhelmed. I know you’re working far more than you should be. Can I tell you a secret? Your systems are not working, and that’s why you need to take a step back and re-evaluate. 


I’ve got your back, and together we’ll create systems that will help you scale!

Shannon Savaglio System Strategist and Team Management